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CR 61 20 Round Mag


20 round magazine that only attaches to the CR 61 consisting of .380 rounds.

The CR 61 20 Round Mag attaches to these weapons

- CR 61 Skorpion -


Ammo that can be loaded into the CR 61 20 Round Mag

- .380 Rounds -



About DayZ Weapon Attachments

Weapon attachments in DayZ can also impact weapon stats significantly, adding an element of customisation when selecting your weapon loadout.

DayZ Attachments vary a lot, but can be categorised into 6 different weapon attachment categories. These include Optics/Sights, Muzzles, Buttstocks, Handguards, Other and Magazines.

A single DayZ Weapon Attachment won't make much of a difference to your weapon unless it's an optic for improving weapon zeroing, or a muzzle for reducing your weapon sound.


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