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DayZ Shotgun Shells Category

The Shells used by the various shotguns in DayZ. Each shell has its strengths and weaknesses.

- 12 Gauge Buckshot -

12 Gauge Buckshot

One Buckshot shell splits into 8 pell...

- 12 Gauge Rubber Slugs -

12 Gauge Rubber Slugs

Rubber shells are primarily used to k...

- 12 Gauge Slugs -

12 Gauge Slugs

Slugs are better at distance compared...



About DayZ Ammo Types

Ammo types in DayZ can be split into 4 different ammo categories that are as follows: Pistol Caliber, Intermediate Caliber, Rifle Ammo_Caliber and finally Shotgun Shells.

DayZ ammo types have a lot of stats that impact how the ammo will perform with the weapon it goes with. These stats are only the base stats of the ammo type. Because of this, a lot of the stats are heavily impacted by the weapon they are used by.

Most weapons in DayZ will only allow one ammo type. However, some weapons allow 2 or more ammo types, and can therefore impact the perform of the weapon based on the ammunition you use.



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